Philly Cure HD

Philly Cure HD offers support to the local Huntington's disease community, educates the greater community about HD and the impact this neuro degenerative genetic disorder has on individuals and families, and supports HD research.

We offer a HD Care Consultant to provide professional social services at no cost to the HD community. The HD Care Consultant provides supportive counseling for individuals and families living with HD including but not limited to: assisting with the disability process, caregiver/client phone support, support groups, various educational and social events, community resource referrals and assisting with long term planning.

Our Care Consultant is Sherri McELfatrick, LMSW, Sherri is a Licensed Social Worker with a background in case management with the chronically ill as well as over a decade working in hospice and palliative care.

Most of our care consultant work is done via phone consultation. Please call or email Sherri with inquiries, she is happy to provide assistance. She can be reached at 215-219-3521 or

In addition to phone support Sherri currently runs two in person support groups as well as volunteering at the HDSA Center of Excellence at University of Pennsylvania providing support on clinic days.

We invite you to:

Upcoming Events

Support Groups

Caregiver Support Group Meetings - Held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7pm virtually. The group is open to anyone involved in the care of someone with HD.

Support Group for At Risk, Gene Positive or Diagnosed with HD - This group is on the 4th Monday at 10 am virtually.

General Support Group (February, April, June, August, October, December) - This group is open to all of the HD community. This group is on the 3rd Monday bi monthly at 7pm virtually.

Please contact Sherri ( or 215-219-3521) with which group you’d like to sign-up. The Blue Jean link will be sent out the day of the group to those who RSVP.

Stay Well!

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It's not too late to support Philly Cure! Your invaluable donations make a difference to friends, family and the community. From now until December 31, our goal is to raise $15,000.

Join us in celebrating Philly Cure HD's accomplishments and recognition of donors. As you look through the report you will see the names of others, like you who understand how important charitable giving is to Huntington’s Disease.

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